The Black Sparks - The Black Sparks06/09/2016 · Tape Modulator · TMOD005

Produced by Kevin Erickson
Engineered by Hugh McElroy
Recorded at Inner Ear in Arlington, VA
Overdubs & Mixing at Swim-Two-Birds in Washington DC
Mastered by TJ Lipple

Jonah Antonelli: guitar
Ray Brown: bass
Sam Grove: guitar
Andrew Salfi: voice
Nathaniel Salfi: drums & percussion

Andrew played cello on Anticlap, spazzy keyboard solo on Nukem
Ray played extra guitar on NFM 1 and Burn to Earn, drums on NFM 2
Nathaniel played bass on NFM 2, trumpet on Rocketbird & NFM 2
Sam played baritone on Rocketbird, NFM 2
Jonah played saw on Rocketbird & NFM 2
Kevin played keyboards, tape echoes, extra percussion
Daoud Tyler-Ameen played tambourine on Run Through The Streets and also let us borrow it for other songs.
Choir on Not For Me: Katie Greer, Mark Sullivan, Maia Eskin, Akua Amankwah-ayeh, Raina Weinstein, Max Novak, Christopher John Moon, Pat Walsh, Ryan Little, & Brendan Polmer
Reading from Frederick Douglas on Burn To Earn: Raina Weinstein

Cover art by Andrew Salfi
Layout and design by Alexander Rudenshiold

Thanks to Ryan Little & Brendan Polmer for pastries, Don Zientara for hospitality, & Eric (the assistant manager from FedEx) for the scan of the cover.

Cassette info:
Limited to 100 pink shells with 10 different possible labels and 4-panel J-cards.

Roraima - Try Again05/20/2016 · Tape Modulator · TMOD004

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pablo Cabrera at Precocious Studios.
Photos taken by Savannah Elliott.

Cassette Info
Hand-dubbed and hand-numbered
Limited to 50 purple tinted shells with labels and 3-panel J-cards

Friends & Acquaintances Vol. 103/30/2016 · Tape Modulator · TMOD003

The first in a series of compilation albums featuring friends of the label.

1. smallhands - jack black taught me this one
2. J∆NVS - Dogwood
3. cat be damned - spotsylvania
4. Lily Crown - Splitter (demo)
5. Raw Feels - Right On
6. roof melt - humidity

Cassette Info
Hand-dubbed and hand-numbered
Limited to 40 clear shells with blue foil and 3-panel J-cards

Anchor 3 - Nervous2/19/2016 · Tape Modulator · TMOD002

Written, performed and engineered by Anchor 3 in August 2013 at Trap Studios
Vocals, saxophone and piano overdubbed at The Bath House
Mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio Labs in Ann Arbor, MI
Photo by Gracie Harrison

Cassette Info
Hand-dubbed and hand-numbered
Limited to 50 clear shells with yellow leader and 3-panel J-cards

Second Date - S/T1/29/2016 · Tape Modulator · TMOD001

Tracked and mixed by Hannah Balesi
Art by Kirsten Hemrich

Cassette Info
Hand-dubbed and hand-numbered
Limited to 30 turquoise shells with 3-panel J-cards