Second Date - S/T TMOD001

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It's easy to start a band in college, especially when considering the vibrant music scene of a well-endowed artistic hotspot like Charlottesville, Virginia. Despite this, it can be hard to cement a unique blend of influences when confronted with the city's cornucopia of genre politics and scene clusters. Enter Second Date, whose youth is only license for a clever experiment in disparate corners of the indie universe only to converge in -- and push forth -- a dreamy, hazy center. It's in that fog, that artistic smoke in which this four-piece gains its foothold. Because when this group emerges from their own mist, their statements begin to venture out into the open.

"If you could catch the voice of the moon inside of a cool glass."

Track Listing

    1. flake
    2. bored
    3. ghost

Pressing Information

30 Turquoise