Anchor 3 - Nervous TMOD002

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Washington D.C.'s Anchor 3 no longer exists in this form. Before they became the drone-jazz kings of Swings, this name carried with it, fittingly, a weightier sound. Ripe with the same dischord and syrupy vocal tone which would bring them acclaim from the indie blogosphere, but possessing a harder edge, Anchor 3 combined malaise with genre acrobatics that confuse and enthrall before their name change. They arguably still do the same thing, but with more pomp than circumstance. It's these circumstances which warrant their 2013 EP, Nervous, a proper cassette reissue.

"Painting over floral wallpaper that someone pasted up in a room."

Track Listing

    1. False Start
    2. Ragdoll
    3. Drink to Yesterday
    4. Left Fielder
    5. Thinning
    6. Hunter

Pressing Information

50 Clear w/ Yellow Leader