The Black Sparks - S/T TMOD005


The Black Sparks are something of a Washington D.C. phenomenon. They’ve been playing sharp, discordant post-hardcore in the tradition of Fugazi, Two Inch Astronaut, and other D.C. staples for ten years. During that time, they’ve become well-established in the D.I.Y. music scene, writing collaboratively with up and coming emo stars, The Obsessives, in Big Moth, as well as playing in rising projects like Bleary Eyed and Snail Mail. They’ve been hailed by locals as “the best new punk band in D.C.” (Washington City Paper) for a long time now, and it’s about time the rest of the world noticed.

"The album treads boldly into territory few punk records dare. Doing so takes skill, and guts. The Black Sparks has no shortage of those." - Impose Magazine

Track Listing

    1. Corporate Shuffle
    2. ST Rawberries
    3. Nuke 'Em
    4. Plastic Cards
    5. Anticlap
    6. Rocketbird
    7. Burn to Earn
    8. Food Tubes
    9. Run Through the Streets
    10. Not For Me

Pressing Information

/100 Pink cassettes /w 10 different labels